Lost your keys ... AGAIN??


Imagine… it’s early morning and you’re ready to leave for work. You grab your handbag, reach for your keys and they’re exactly where you left them. Woo-hoo!! You head out the door, locking it behind you, get in the car, and ZEN-fully drive to work. You’re on time, feeling no stress or frustration. Your days of searching for keys are OVER!

Joyful Keyper understands that a woman’s handbag is more than just an accessory—it's a daily, essential part of her busy life. Your handbag stores everything you need, from keys to a mobile phone to makeup, credit cards, and more. It’s only natural that your keys deserve a dedicated spot in your bag.

According to a survey by Pixie, the first place women look when searching for lost items is their purse or bag.

That’s why the Joyful Keyper is designed to keep your keys tethered to your handbag at all times, a dedicated spot where they live 24/7, stay put and never get misplaced.

Attach a Joyful Keyper to any handbag handle to hold a generous amount of keys. The 14-inch leather strap reaches door locks without unhooking keys. When keys are tethered to your handbag they stay put. THEY DON'T MOVE. Keys won't stray or be put down somewhere you won't remember. The next time you need them you'll know exactly where they are -- attached to your handbag -- the whole day, every-single-day.

CHANGING HANDBAGS ? So easy...move only your keys to a Keyper that's already attached to your other favorite bag, tote, or backpack. Simple as moving your wallet.


True story: “my first reaction was negative…. I was wrong”

After easily attaching the Joyful Keyper to my purse, then attaching my “keys to the world” to the Keyper, I rushed out the door to an afternoon appointment. In a hurry and running a bit behind, I slammed the back door rendering it locked and secured. Then it hit me; I had no keys to the house OR the car…and, no cell phone to call for help. This wasn’t my first time to do this. Knowing my son had borrowed the “other” emergency key, I had no way of unlocking the door and getting back inside for the car keys.

Standing there pondering my fate, and the repercussions of a lost appointment, my eyes happened to catch a slim black strap hanging from my purse. Eureka! The keys were attached to my Keyper and all I had to do was lift the strap from the inside of my purse and I was on my way.

From that moment on I was hooked (pun intended). My new routine when leaving the house now consists of grabbing my purse, checking to make sure I still have my keys on the strap, and off I go. And no more fumbling for keys in my purse when at the door with handfuls of groceries. I just lift the strap and there they are.

If it’s late at night and you’re approaching your door alone, what could be more helpful or safer than having your keys at your fingertips? The Keyper saves me time, is easily accessible, can be changed from purse to purse in a snap…or briefcase, or diaper bag; and there is the safety factor when arriving home late. The best part is no more locking myself out of the house.

Georgia Richardson, author.


Take this short quiz below:


  • ask yourself “Where Are My Keys?“ every morning before you head out the door?
  • waste 5,10 minutes or more searching for keys every morning?
  • feel frustrated, stressed or steaming mad because you can’t find your keys quickly?
  • arrive late to work or important meetings? 
  • hate paying missed-appointment fees of $50 or more?
  • use a handbag/tote/briefcase/backpack everyday?
  • constantly fumble around and dig for your keys in your handbag?
  • have an electronic key finder that hasn’t solved your problem and has made your life more complicated?
  • feel robbed of time, your most precious asset?
  • feel there’s a solution to your problem but you haven’t found it yet?

If you answered yes to questions 1 to 7, we know you’re a good candidate for our keypers.

If you answered yes to all questions we know Joyful Keyper is a MUST-HAVE for you.

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